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Personal Management

Creating you personal wealth is an enduring accomplishment of discipline and commitment . The accumulation and distribution of wealth phases 1 & 2 are the American standard of retirement. There is a critical third phase that needs to be address. It is wealth transition management . This phase bridges the accumulation and distribution phases beginning 15 years prior to retirement and 10 years after retirement. Over this 25-year period , the investor may transition from being risk averse to what may be described as loss averse . The memory of seniors loosing 60%+ to the tech stock debacle from 2000 to 2003 is etched in the minds of all Americans. Will globalization, outsourcing, and international trade affect you by not being prepared? DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC offers strategic & tactical personalized wealth transition management.

We build a custom solution around your needs and create a process by which you can manage your money for a lifetime. Feel free to contact us for a free Complimentary Consultation to to asses the 360-degree view of your current financial situation. We look forward to discussing diversification opportunities to bridge all three phases of wealth management.

Diversify Wealth over Markets

This intro page gives you a brief synopsis of each investment category of service we offer.


Managed Futures

Managed Futures... 

The allocation of investment money in alternative investments has increased over 300% since the baby boomer crash of 2000 2001. The non-correlation of managed futures in a portfolio has shown significant performance advantages accompanying multiple diverse investments .

This type of investment offers a potentially huge advantage in being able to manage, on a tactical basis, the allocation of risk to an array of independent investment strategies. During the Complimentary Consultation DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC will review historically how managed futures can help in the allocation of risk and provide quantitative performance examples.

The risk of loss in futures can be substantial . Please review the historical worst-draw down performance of our commodity trading advisors during a month, quarter, & year . It is essential to evaluate historical draw downs to evaluate your personal tolerance to negative losses in these types of investments. Before, an investor embraces the upside potential of Managed Futures .


Managed Forex Trading

Managed Forex...

The 21st century has begun with the globalization of investment opportunities around the world. Forex or currency trading is a $1.9 trillion a day non stop investment opportunity. High Net Worth Individuals and Corporations are seeing currency trading as a vehicle to improve Alpha (performance) and non-correlated trading friction .

DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC is offering professional regulated services through the N ational F utures A ssociation with documented trading history. We provide this service without any bells or whistles just the facts and understanding of optimal portfolio diversification .

The risk of loss in forex can be substantial . Please review the historical worst-draw down performance of our forex trading advisors during a month, quarter, & year . It is essential to evaluate historical draw downs to evaluate your personal tolerance to negative losses in these types of investments. Before, an investor embraces the upside potential of Managed Forex .


Insurance Management


The most fundamental and important investment vehicle and unfortunately the most overlook. It encompasses the contingency of death for any family member and the best method for tax free transfer of wealth .

High Net Worth Individuals and corporate clients can benefit from whole, universal life and term life insurance products. The married couple in their 30's to 50's can use whole life insurance to collect value , but most importantly help with the future financial transition at the death of their spouse to pay off mortgage(s) and maintain lifestyle.

Business's can use a life policy to cover a corporate executive's value whose service can only be measured in the financial loss to the company. DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC reviews the multitude of possibilities Life Insurance contingencies can offer it clients.


Annuity Protection

Annuities .

First we do not offer variable annuities only fixed annuity products to our clients. DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC understands its strengths and niche investment categories and variable annuities and equities are not our focus.

Secondly, seniors over the age of 65 should understand that new guidelines under the Senior Citizen Investment Protection Act are in place for better understanding of annuities.

Unlike managed futures and forex which have undetermined risk, annuities are completely the opposite. DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC feels each investor should have a diverse and complimentary portfolio. Fixed annuities are a growing and changing product each year. They offer some advance features which allows moderate to slightly aggressive gains and extremely limited risk to principal . Fixed annuities can be offered with bonus percentages, fixed yearly rates of returns, and attached to indexes for monthly or yearly gains. We look forward to reviewing the wide array of fixed annuity products available in the market


DIsability Insurance

Disability ..

Disability insurance is one of the most under insured and difficult coverage's to obtain. We have joined forces with Peterson International Underwriters a Lloyd's of London domestic underwriter.

We offer a wide range of services and products and the following is only a brief list. Ransom and Kidnapping , Star cover/Entertainment Industry, Racecar Driver , Key Man, Venture Capital insurance just to name a few. These niche products help us serve both our High Net Worth Individual and corporate clients with real personal and business contingencies.

Statistics show the likelihood of being disabled is 5X the likelihood of dying . An example is our loan indemnification product which allows business owners such as dentist to complete the borrowing transactions by meeting the contingency of disability or death to the underwriting bank officer. The dentist can also cover the salaries of employees and working operations cost all in one policy.

Feel free to contact us for a no obligation, no cost analysis of your investment portfolio . Our clients benefit from our counsel and process of customized service. We are not just selling a single investment or idea. DeSpenza Capital Management, LLC is proposing a serious investment process by which you can manage you money for a lifetime. Please contact us for a free Complimentary Consultation to discuss diversification opportunities for income, savings, and legacy .

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